Spotify surveys playlist creators

Spotify logo new color canvasSpotify is collecting some interesting information from playlist creators about their use of the feature. According to Music Ally, the survey inquires about whether the respondent makes and shares playlists, and how much they know or care about how others interact with their creations.

One question asked how important it was to know which songs in a playlist were least popular or how many total plays a playlist generated. Another asked about preferences for delivering feedback on which songs listeners do or don’t like within a playlist.

The survey may just be rounding up information for the streaming service, but it’s also possible that Spotify will be putting some of its analytics power into the hands of playlist makers. We’ve seen in recent months that playlists are not just a way for individuals to show off their tastemaker status. They’ve also created new businesses, new marketing options for brands, and a way for labels to give their artists more listens and exposure. If the creators had more data, they could choose to tailor their playlists closely to listeners’ tastes or simply know which of their sets were performing well and why.

Anna Washenko