Spotify Kids app rolls out to three more markets, including the U.S.

Spotify has been taking a meandering path for the launch of its standalone Kids app. The program is designed for children, with no ads and with age-appropriate content. While the app is a standalone piece of software, it requires a Spotify Premium Family subscription to use. It began its beta in Ireland in October, and the testing rolled out to a few other markets in February. Now, the company is rolling out the app to the U.S., Canada, and France.

Kids has more than 8,000 songs available in its U.S. and Canada versions, and the company said it is adding more songs to all markets every day. Half of the app’s content is based on what’s popular in the country where it is being used. Spotify is also rolling out more customization for parents to control their kids’ experience on the app.

Anna Washenko