Spotify dominated the App Store during Apple Music’s first week

Spotify logo new color canvas

With the entry of Apple Music into the streaming industry, many have wondered whether the backing of the tech giant would be enough to challenge Spotify’s dominant position. After the first week, it’s looking like no. According to Bloomberg, Spotify spent five consecutive days as the ninth-most-downloaded iPhone app. The streaming service hasn’t hit that level of interest in the App Store since December 2013.

We can’t draw a direct comparison with Apple Music’s download popularity since the app comes bundled with iOS. Plus, this could simply be a case of the increased attention on streaming leading more people to check out all of their available options. But it does seem like a promising sign for Spotify to hit such high popularity in response to a potential rival coming on the scene. Spotify’s download numbers also don’t reflect who is paying for a subscription, so we’re equally curious to track the app’s popularity once the current batch of Apple Music users’ free trials end in three months.

Anna Washenko