Spotify Artists website is back in business

spotify-artists-nov-2016Spotify has relaunched its website for performers. Spotify Artists first debuted three years ago, and although it’s still a hub for sharing resources about the streaming music business model, it has undergone some changes from the original.

The first change is a shift in the type of information being made available. “We’re shifting the purpose of this website from detailing the mechanics of streaming to helping artists maximize the opportunity it’s created,” the Spotify team said in a post on the site. It has tools such as tips for building a Spotify following, recommended best practices, and artist success stories. The Fan Insights data dashboard has also been getting steady updates, and that resource is also still available for understanding audience and performance.

It isn’t just additions of content. The original version had some information about the average per-stream payouts made by Spotify. That data appears to have been removed.

Spotify recently hired Troy Carter as its global head of creator services. This updated Spotify Artists project falls under his purview, as do leading the company’s artist relations, songwriter relations, and label relations departments.

Anna Washenko