Shazam now lets you add songs to Spotify, Rdio playlists in-app

Shazam add to playlistShazam released an update to strengthen its integration with Rdio and Spotify. Users could already listen to full songs from those platforms within the Shazam app. The recent update delivers the ability to add songs to playlists on those streaming services without leaving the Shazam app.

Access the feature by tapping the button at the top right corner of the screen. This pulls up a menu offering the choice to add that song to a playlist on either platform.

Shazam has been moving pretty quickly in the integration space. It’s already got Apple Music available as an in-app listening option and it was a launch app for the Apple Watch. The company also added a big new business angle with the launch of visual recognition software in the program. With all those changes, it’s still nice to see the audio component getting tweaks and improvements.

Anna Washenko