Second single from Adele’s ’25’ available to stream

Adele 25 single streaming

Adele has thrown a new curve into her promotion strategy for the album 25. “When We Were Young,” the second single from the record-breaking album, dropped today. And although the big buzz around 25 when it released was the sales-centric philosophy, the single has also arrived on streaming services.

It’s likely that this windowing approach will help the singer to retain a high chart ranking, especially with the growing number of organizations that count streams toward results. Even though the sales figures wane, she’ll still pull in lots of listens. Adele and her camp may choose to only put a handful of singles out into the streaming space, but it seems more likely that once physical sales and album downloads have completely cooled, the entire work will become available. It’s a smart strategy that shows Adele is playing the numbers game to her best advantage.

Anna Washenko