Millennials and Boomers at opposite ends of radio and streaming use (Australia)

EY Digital Australia 1Australian consumers spend $181 per month on digital services, according to a new report by EY. The study, Digital Australia: State of the Nation 2015-16, found that nearly two-thirds of the study participants (63%) felt comfortable with their digital spending habits, while 29% said they spend too much.

In terms of monthly expenses under that umbrella, home phone or Internet plans took the largest share with an average of $62.76, followed by $50.15 in costs related to smartphones. In third, with more than a 10% share of the average monthly spend, were subscriptions for music, movies, or television at $20.87.

The results followed the trend of age break-outs that we’ve been seeing in adoption of streaming music. Participants in the 18-34 age group had the most people listening to music on YouTube, using streaming services, and buying digital downloads. On the other hand, the 55-69 group was most likely to listen to the radio and least likely to use the digital options.

Spotify ranked as the most popular online music streaming service with 52% of the respondents. The new Apple Music caught on quickly in Australia, rising to the second most popular option at 34%. Pandora was third with 24% followed by Google Play at 18%.

The report also broke out the use of different devices for entertainment. Music, podcast, television, and film use on smartphones hit 44% and laptops reached 46%. Only 22% used their tablet for these forms of digital entertainment.

EY DIgital Australia 2

Anna Washenko