Rhapsody International announces Sonos partnership to power Sonos Radio HD

Rhapsody International, the parent brand of the Napster music streaming service (originally called Rhapsody) and Rhapsody’s B2B white-label streaming provision service, announced that it is now powering Sonos Radio HD. In this cluster of brands there  is one more: “Powered by Napster” which is the platform service brought to bear for Sonos.

Long-time RAIN readers might remember that iHeartRadio’s All Access service likewise hooked up with the Powered by Napster service. Rhapsody/Napster has the service provider for Univision’s Uforia, SoundMachine Business Premium, BMW cars, and many other proprietary streaming environments.

The Powered by Napster platform offers companies a full suite of technologies and solutions that includes licensing and rights holder management, media streaming and download infrastructure, applications, personalization, recommendations, customer billing, and royalty administration capabilities.

In the Sonos arrangement, Rhapsody is powering the catalogue, metadata, multi-territory licensing and advanced royalty, and business intelligence and data analytics reporting for Sonos’ original stations on Sonos Radio and Sonos Radio HD.

Rhapsody International’s Bill Patrizio, President and CEO said, “Bringing new and innovative branded streaming music services to partners intent on transforming their customer listening experience is core to our platform-as-a-service strategy. Our ongoing work with Sonos signals the continued significant growth of digital music and the demand for high-definition audio streaming. We have a successful history of innovation and collaboration with Sonos and we’re honored to be a part of making the team’s vision of Sonos HD Radio a reality.”

The Sonos service is available to Sonos home audio system owners. Called Sonos Radio HD, it costs $7.99/month.


Brad Hill