RAIN Notes: Tuesday, February 21

Jottings of note:

Podcast Programmatic Pickup

We see a new episode of Veritonic’s podcast, The Sonic Truth, in which Kristin Charron (VP Marketing) talks with Tomas Rodrigues, Director of Emerging Channels at media buying company The Trade Desk. Rodrigues notes that music streaming services which are bundled into larger service packages (as with Amazon and Apple) are not contributing to programmatic audio. But: “The scale that is being dropped off from music streaming is totally getting picked up by podcasting. Podcasting is still in early days, especially in programmatic.” LISTEN


Bubble Or Blip?

Is podcasting a bubble in trouble? That’s a perfect topic for the Bubble Trouble podcast, hosted by Will Page (former Chief Economist of Spotify) and independent analyst Richard Kramer. Their guest is angel investor and high-level business advisor Lauren Jarvis — she started Spotify’s podcast business in 2016. She answers the question: Is podcasting experiencing a bursting bubble, or a blip? LISTEN and TRANSCRIPT



From Bitter To Sweet

Can audio change the flavor of coffee? That sounds like something SXM Sonic Strategist Steve Keller would talk about from the audio viewpoint, but in this case it is James Harper, Executive Producer of “The Science of Coffee” podcast. A recent episode explores how certain sounds might make your coffee taste sweeter, while other sounds translate to bitterness. READ or LISTEN

— Friday, February 17

Brad Hill