RAIN Notes: Tuesday, January 4

Jottings of note:


Ad Infotainment

Acast launched “Sponsored Stories” as a long-form, infotaining ad format in April 2021. (See RAIN’s coverage HERE.)  Now the company is promoting several of the activations — five podcast campaigns using the format to good effect. IN some cases listeners respond to the sponsor storytelling: “Never has an ad inspired so much conversation,”one listener posted on Facebook. LISTEN



Programmatic advertising is the primary revenue driver in podcasting, according to the IAB’s most recent revenue report. (RAIN coverage HERE.)  An interesting article in The Verge documents instances of inaccurate categorizing of ad types, leading to inappropriate ad placements. In one case, a promotion of “Sex Lives of College Girls” landed in a children’s podcast produced by APM. The network ceased all dynamic insertions. READ



PRX has hired Gretchen Borzi as Senior Director of Brand, Creative, and Digital Marketing. She comes from a similar role at the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops Orchestras, and was involved in the famous Tanglewood classical music festival. Borzi will report to CMO Donna Hardwick.

— Tuesday, January 4

Brad Hill