RadioWorks launches DigitalAudioWorks for streaming audio ad buying

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RadioWorks, a London Specialty firm for marketers planning and buying campaigns on radio, has launched DigitalAudioWorks, bringing a similar scope of service to streaming audio advertising.

The new site and its marketing material portray digital audio as a complex landscape populated with many consumer outlets, mainstream and niche, from music service to podcasts to Internet radio. DigitalAudioWorks is positioning as a digital audio advertising agency that can stitch together all possibilities into an ideal marketing campaign. “Whenever someone is listening on headphones, you can speak directly to them,” a promotional video says.

Seventeen million people listen to streaming audio, according to RAJAR numbers from the spring of this year. To reach those people, DigitalAudioWorks offers marketers creative assistance to craft messaging, as well as planning and purchasing campaign specifics.

Audio publishers mentioned as part of the opportunity portfolio for advertisers include Spotify, Deezer, AudioBoom, and RadioPlayer. Access to programmatic buying platform DAX is also available, where marketers can plan and buy impression-based campaigns across multiple listening platforms.

Michael Charnley-Heaton, CEO of the RadioWorks Group, describes the launch as a smooth transition of expertise from traditional media to new media. “RadioWorks has helped our clients do this across traditional radio for 25 years,” he noted. “DigitalAudioWorks will now help them secure the coverage they need across all the new digital platforms.”



Brad Hill