Quick Hits: How streaming engages on social; a final Grooveshark infographic; latest iOS beta is out

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Report on music services and social engagement: Unified Social published a report analyzing the social media engagement of the top streaming platforms. iHeartRadio was the top performer for total engagement, with more than 929,000 interactions and 67% of streaming’s engagement market share. Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and Rdio were also included in the analysis.

Infographic of Grooveshark legal fees: Grooveshark has at long last succumbed to a combination of legal and financial pressure. For context, Billboard compiled an infographic detailing the troubled service’s legal fees.

Latest iOS 8.4 beta shows more music updates: Apple is expected to launch the new iOS 8.4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference and a look at the third take on its beta version is up on 9to5Mac. We already saw some preliminary updates to the mobile operating system’s Music app, but the new version is getting lots of extra attention since it may give hints of how iTunes and Beats Music might be combined in the near future.

Anna Washenko