Quick Hits: Spotify exec talks charts; podcasts for networking; Deezer profitable in two years?

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Deezer targeting profitability in two years: Deezer has landed stateside, and the industry is eagerly watching to see how the long-time holdout will be received in the U.S. market. Deezer’s leadership seems optimistic about not just the U.S., but about its global performance. Managing Director Alexis de Gemini gave an interview and predicted that the company would be profitable in two years. Gemini added that Deezer is targeting a valuation of 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) by that time.

Podcasts as networking resource: Everyone still loves podcasts. The latest spin on the audio format is as a networking tool for entrepreneurs. Considering the long working hours required in running a new business, time to hobnob and meet important people is in short supply for that group. Hosting or guesting on a podcast gives a chance to present a snapshot of an entrepreneur’s personality and values. Done well, some people are seeing it as a powerful promotion tool for the business world.

Spotify’s Kevin Brown says the charts are not boring: After some critiques that streaming has made the singles charts “boring,” Spotify’s International Head of Label Relations Kevin Brown offered a different perspective. “It strikes me the current industry angst over the chart is a case of not liking what you see in the mirror – and then asking for a new mirror,” he said in a lengthy, insightful interview with Music Business Worldwide.

Anna Washenko