Quick Hits: Spotify adds iOS credits. A history lesson by infographic.

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Spotify adds songwriter and producer credits on iOS: Earlier this year, Spotify earned itself some brownie points with the music industry through the addition of songwriter credits on tracks. Now, the feature has been expanded to Spotify’s mobile presence. Any track information provided by the label is now available to Spotify subscribers on the iOS mobile app; no mention of Android at this time. Eventually, the data will be sourced from publishers, songwriters, and composition societies, according to an Instagram post fromĀ Alfons Karabuda, chairman of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance.

Audio Recording Through the Ages: Audioburst has released an infographic charting the history of recording technology. Check out the whole creation here. It has a great overall tracing of the many different processes used over the years, as well as some fun facts.

Anna Washenko