Quick Hits: Radio Disney Country; messaging vs streaming; CD players in cars

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

First listen to Radio Disney Country: Billboard profiled the new Radio Disney Country station. The channel officially launched yesterday alongside the Country Music Awards. Billboard examined the programming choices as a reflection of the pop music scene and projected that Disney could be position itself for a big success with this project. Radio Disney has been making a digital shift in recent months, including a launch on iHeartRadio.

Messaging vs streaming: Over the past several months, we’ve seen new mobile apps that combine music streaming with messaging: Rithm, MSTY, and the short-lived Music Messenger. Cortney Harding, a startup consultant and podcast host, examined why music companies should be watching the broader trend toward messaging and small group communication. For instance, she pointed to how these services may require different ways of tracking data and calculating royalties.

Possible death knell for CD players in cars: It seems unlikely that radios will be leaving the car dashboard any time too soon, but Bloomberg pointed to one feature that could be on its last legs. CD players have been left out of some car models from Honda, Toyota, and General Motors. “The demise of the CD is in the near future,” said Corey Tsuno, product and accessory operations manager for Toyota’s Scion. “I don’t think we’ll ever bring it back.”

Anna Washenko

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  1. As long as I continue to have CDs I plan on having a CD player in my car, even if I have to have one installed somehow.

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