Quick Hits: Pandora CEO’s op-ed; regional streaming; ad-blockers vs radio

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Pandora CEO advocates role of ad-supported streaming: Brian McAndrews, CEO at Pandora, wrote an eloquent op-ed for Billboard laying out the role of so-called free music in the modern industry. He explained that what so many people call “free” music should more accurately be termed “ad-supported,” as Pandora generates significant revenue with advertising. He advocated a music environment where both ad-supported and subscription models have a valued place in connecting listeners with artists.

When regional streaming services favor telecoms: A blog post on Music 3.0 published a list of the top streaming services in Africa. The entries are mostly music services that are tied to mobile carriers. It’s a good reminder of just how localized both the music service and listening audience can be, particularly in those markets where the globally known music platforms don’t have a foothold.

Ad blockers good for radio? Paul Rotella, president and CEO of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association, wrote an email to his group’s members about the increased use of ad-block technology. Many digital services will need to find ways to develop ad programs that can evade ad-block technology, which can prevent a viewer or listener from experiencing a spot. Rotella opined that ad-block could pose a serious detriment to digital platforms with no impact on traditional radio. “You can’t block a live read!” he wrote.

Anna Washenko