Quick Hits: Orchestras join Google’s Classical Live; research into teens’ media use; BPI keynote

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

More orchestras join Google’s Classical Live: Google Play Music launched a program specifically aimed at classical music listeners back in June. Four more orchestras have joined the Classical Live project: London Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestre de Paris, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and Boston Pops Orchestra. These four ensembles will make new recordings available on the Google streaming and download platform.

Data on teens, tweens, and media: Common Sense Media released data about media consumption by teenagers. The results demonstrated high media consumption among both the 8-12 and 13-18 age groups. The related infographic revealed that 37% of tweens and 66% of teens listen to music every day. It also showed heavy preferences for mobile devices in media consumption, with tweens favoring tablets and teens mostly using smartphones.

BPI’s CEO delivers keynote speech: Geoff Taylor, CEO of the British Phonographic Industry, gave a keynote speech at the Music Futures conference. He covered the role of A&R investments in UK artists, the BBC’s power in promoting up-and-comers, and the importance of music to the UK economy. He also spoke against piracy and the alleged misuse of safe harbor protections at online services such as YouTube.

Anna Washenko