Quick Hits: British podcasts; India’s streaming market; PROs vs Pandora in licensing

Brief news items and worth reads from around the web. Today:

Where is the British breakout podcast?: ON the one-year anniversary of the first episode of Serial, columnist Sarah Manavis wonders where the British equivalent is — an industry-changing podcast. “When British radio is so good and when the audience is so obviously there, why has there not been a breakout British podcast?”

India roundup 2.0: Last week, we saw a review of the latest streaming music deals happening in India. Today, we’ve got a more in-depth look at that market, with a profile of the business models currently working to secure Indian ears. Ad-supported services are ruling in a market that has struggled with piracy and is proving slow to adopt subscriptions.

Opposing sides get technical in licensing panel: The CMJ Music Marathon hosted a panel focused on the hot topic of music licensing. Representatives from ASCAP, BMI, Pandora, and Global Music Rights each had a chance to explain their stance on how licensing fees are calculated and collected. “If we had a more transparent marketplace, we’d be having a much more realistic conversation about [the rates Pandora pays to PROs],” said Pandora Vice President of Global Content Licensing Elizabeth Moody. “There’s a lot of money being lost, not being distributed accurately, because the data isn’t there.”

Brad Hill