Quick Hits: Apple, Apple Music, and Adult Swim

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Podcasts at WWDC: Any Apple press event means a flurry of activity for the tech media. This time, the company’s WWDC conference will have resources available specifically for podcasters to report on the event. With an advance reservation, podcasters can book time in a recording studio at WWDC. The slots are up to 60 minutes and allow up to four participants. It’s a noteworthy move, a recognition of the audio format’s growing audience and relevance in the bigger media landscape.

Carpool Karaoke release date: Apple Music picked up the rights to Carpool Karaoke last year, and the spinoff video series finally has a release date. The series, a new exclusive for Apple Music, will premiere on August 8.

Adult Swim Singles gets another 52 weeks: Finally, The Verge profiled Adult Swim, the media company most known for its television programming. Adult Swim has fingers in many pies beyond irreverent cartoons, including music. The company’s latest effort is Adult Swim Singles, which has been granted a full year of releasing new original tracks via streaming. Creative Director Jason DeMarco talked about Adult Swim’s offbeat stance toward the music industry, the move away from downloads, and making this niche program happen.

Anna Washenko