Programmatic advertising dominates digital display; radio and other traditional media on track

Zenith Media shared some results from its 2017 edition of Programmatic Marketing Forecasts. According to the stats, programmatic ads will grow 31% in 2017, beating out the projected 25% growth for social media and 20% for online video. Those other ad channels are also expected to see a shift toward programmatic buying.

The U.S. retains a sizable lead in terms of programmatic markets and holds a 62% share of global ad spend in the area. The country’s programmatic ad market was worth $24 billion in 2016. The UK was worth $3.3 billion and China was valued at $2.6 billion this year.

While the Zenith report focused on digital media, the post sharing the results noted that programmatic is projected to be the standard approach across traditional media as well, including radio, television, and digital out-of-home platforms.

We observe that programmatic audio is a growing marketing channel, if not a fast-growing one yet. This fall season has brought announcements involving the build-out of programmatic audio availability from Triton Digital, Spotify, Rubicon Group, AdsWizz, AdLarge, Marketron, and Jelli. Tracks have been laid down to enable a vigorous programmatic business in audio; now it’s a matter of building up the market on both the supply and demand sides.

The Zenith study indicates that it will happen. “The figures in this report refer only to digital media, but programmatic trading is starting to spread into the ‘traditional’ media. Some television, radio and digital out-of-home platforms already offer automated and data-driven trading of inventory. It will take years, but eventually programmatic trading will be available as standard across traditional media.”


RAIN News Staff