Podcast network Goalhanger goes with Spotify-Megaphone for host-read and DAI advertising

Spotify is splashing that its podtech subsidiary Megaphone has acquired a new client in the Goalhanger podcast network. Goalhanger published non-fiction shows with a focus on history. The network’s website displays eight titles. Goalhanger self-identifies as “the UK’s largest independent podcast company.”

Goalhanger’s podcast network will be hosted and distributed both on and off Spotify via Megaphone, demonstrating the platform’s range and agnosticism. Along that line, buyers can engage Goalhanger podcasts with host-read commercials, and/or insertion of pre-produced ads that target audience characteristics. The latter scenario happens via Spotify’s SPAN (Spotify Audience Network)

From Jack Davenport, Founder of Goalhanger podcasts: “We’re delighted to form a new partnership with Spotify. Over the past couple of years we’ve found significant new audiences for our shows and we believe that joining Spotify’s Megaphone will help us continue to grow.”

And Chelsea Bradbury, Head of UK Publisher Partnerships at Spotify: “We’re thrilled to partner with Goalhanger to help them understand and grow their audiences and monetise their content. We believe that our offering will enable them to scale and accelerate their growth in the years to come.”


Brad Hill