Omny Studio expands language support for its international clients

In the latest of a series of recent press releases, Triton Digital is announcing a multi-language extension to its subsidiary, podcast platform Omny Studio. In addition to English, the renowned podcast solution is now available for use in French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Triton says more languages are in the works.

This doesn’t mean podcasts can be auto-translated (though we imagine, just as a guess, that Google and Amazon might be working in that direction). the multi-lingual features apply to the content management system, and the words which appear in embeddable podcast players created by Omny. So, this Australia-based international hosting platform is making its French, Spanish, and Portuguese customers feel more at home — and their listeners too (with the translated players).

“With podcast familiarity and consumption on the rise around the world, we are seeing an increase in software adoption across all geographic regions,” said Sharon Taylor, who was CEO of Omny when Triton bought it, and is now Managing Director at Triton Digital. “We remain committed to providing the global digital audio and podcast industry with technology that is not only comprehensive and powerful, but easy to use. Multilingual support is a key component of this strategy, and we look forward to continuously adding to the list of available languages in coming months.”

And this from a Brazilian publisher:

“Podcasting is a huge component of our overall digital audio strategy, and the Omny Studio platform and knowledgeable team have played a critical role in our success,” said Leo Carbonell, Head of Digital at Grupo Jovem Pan (Brazil). “The ability to use the platform in Portuguese has enabled us to meaningfully increase our efficiency, allowing us to create, edit, and share our content faster by a wide range of users from within each of our markets.”

Brad Hill