iHeartRadio reaches 120 million registered users

iHeartRadio announced that it has reached another audience milestone. The audio platform now has 120 million registered users. This metric, which is distinct from monthly active users, has grown from the 100 million registered users it reached in in March 2017.

The past year has included several content developments for iHeartRadio, most recently the launch of a weekly music discovery playlist tailored to each individual’s tastes and listening habits. The company’s podcasting efforts have also grown. iHeartRadio now hosts more than 20,000 podcasts across 20 distinct topics, including 750 iHeartRadio Original shows. Last week, it added a new capability in gapless playback thanks to an AI partnership.

Anna Washenko


  1. I think “registered users” is pretty misleading, as I doubt they’re expiring users who haven’t logged on in years. People change ISPs/email services, and just create a new account… so even then registered users doesn’t mean unique users.

    • Exactly, Rusty. Proving once again that no matter how hard they try, iHeart just does not understand digital.

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