iHeartRadio already up to 85 million registered users

iheartradio canvasiHeartRadio announced that it has surpassed 85 million registered users. That means the platform has seen serious growth so far this year: it just hit the 80 million milestone in January. At a rate of 5 million users in three months, the company boasted that, “This growth means that iHeartRadio is still gaining users at a faster rate than Facebook and any other streaming music service!”

In addition to the audience growth, iHeartRadio shared two other notable stats. First, its app has been downloaded more than 900 million times. And second, it has amassed a following of more than 85 million followers across all of its social media networks.

Parent company iHeartMedia also reported some listening stats in its February earnings call. iHeartRadio’s listening hours for 2015 increased 30% from the previous year, and mobile platforms were the source of two-thirds of the total listening time.

Anna Washenko


  1. So if things are so great for them why don’t they publish their monthy uniques so advertisers can gain a sense of what type of traffic and engagement they can take advantage of for their marketing needs. Downloads is not actionable to advertisers without MUV’s!?

    • Thank you for this comment. I laughed out loud because you are so right!

  2. I’m into mainstream easy oldies. In addition to listening to a small handful of streams on Stream Licensing and Radionomy, I listen to IHeart’s Sunny Radio channel (www(dot)iheart(dot)com/live/sunny-radio-5014/), which plays the easy oldies that I was raised on.

    In addition to those, I also listen to a station from Ireland called Heartbeat FM (www(dot)heartbeatfm(dot)net), that plays mainstream easy oldies. The Irish station uses an app and multiple portals. They also have audio files to listen in various media players.

    I have also created my own private stream on Pandora, using some easy oldies as song seeds.

  3. LOL to comparison to iHeartRadio and Facebook. Of course they’re adding more users on a monthly basis than Facebook–everybody is already on Facebook. Util iHeart reaches 1.6 billion active users each month the comparison is moot.

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