iHeart launches 3rd all-podcast radio format (WLTM, Erie PA)

iHeart Media, which is executing a long-term broadcast / podcast synergy strategy, has launched its third all-podcast on-air format at WLTM, 95.9 in Erie, PA. The station was playing an all-Christmas format before switching over.

As we listen to the station on iHeartRadio, the company’s digital listening front end, we notice that the current show’s name is not presented.

The station’s website branding now proclaims “iHeart PODCAST 95.9.”



Here  is the 24-hour schedule:

Stuff You Should Know (12–3am)
Omnibus (4–5am)
Stuff to Blow Your Mind (5–7am)
Unqualified with Anna Ferris (7–8am)
Ridiculous History (8–10am)
Stuff You Should Know (10am–12pm)
Broken Harts (12–1 pm)
Part-Time Genius (1–2pm)
Stuff to Blow Your Mind (2–3 pm)
Stuff You Missed in History Class (3–5pm)
Stuff Your Mom Never Told You (5–6pm)
Happy Face (6–7pm)
Broken Harts (7–8pm)
Unobscured (8–9pm)
Part Time Genius (9–11pm)
Hell and Gone (11pm–12am)

In March of this year, WSAN-AM in Allentown-Bethlehem PA became iHeart’s first all-podcast station.


Brad Hill