2019 music service round-ups: Lists and interactive presentations

Streaming music services could be redefined as  data warehouses. What to do with all that info? Well, make money with it, naturally … but also make end-of-year wrap-ups listing platform highlights. Below, some of them.

iHeartRadio’s interactive 2019 top artists by region

OK, this is cool. Go HERE and click the Play button. It’s a day-by-day view of top artists across eight U.S. regions.

Spotify 2019 (and decade) wrap-ups

Data-rich Spotify takes a dual focus this year when looking back — it’s about 2019 and the 20-teens decade. A big infographic packages the high points visually, and can be downloaded HERE.

Of special interest is Spotify’s wrap of most-played podcasts on the Spotify platform (below) — note that three of the shows are German. (Also note that three Spotify originals appear in the Most-Streamed list, possibly indicating in-app promotional success.

Most-Streamed Podcasts

The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal
My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
Gemischtes Hack
Fest & Flauschig
The Misfits Podcast

Most-Streamed Spotify Original Podcasts

The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal
Gemischtes Hack
Fest & Flauschig
Serial Killers
Herrengedeck – Der Podcast

Pandora: all thumbs

Pandora has always emphasized its “thumbs” metric — a thumb-up is basically a “like,” and the service personalizes that feature for user-specific playlists which combine thumbed-up tracks with Music Genome recommendations. The company’s 2019 wrap-up is all about thumbs —  top 100 for 2019, and again for the 2010-2019 decade.

Pandora expands each list beyond the standard top-1o format to 100 tracks. We won’t list them here, but go look HERE. Pandora users (at any level) can listen to a “Radio” version of the 2019 list (in our experience, it seems to be a shuffled version of the list HERE.

The decade list is HERE — in our experience this list plays straight, unshuffled.

Deezer 2019 top artists & tracks

Deezer breaks out a few unusual lists, like sing-along tracks (#1: Shallow – Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga) and  K-Pop artists (#1: BTS)

The Latin Pop list is also interesting, and here it is:

1. Anitta

2. Maluma

3. Shakira

4. Pedro Capó

5. Reik

6. Rosalía

7. Jennifer Lopez


9. Camilo

10. Carlos Vives

Deezer is an international service with stronger proportional audiences in non-U.S. countries, so American observers can see a departure from the  Drake / Post Malone  duopoly that might appear in 2019 lists of platforms with more U.S. concentration. Accordingly, here is  Deezer’s main list:

Most streamed artists overall

1. J Balvin

2. Ninho

3. Marília Mendonça

4. Jul

5. PNL

6. Ed Sheeran

7. Nekfeu

8. Ariana Grande

9. Queen

10. Anitta

Deezer users can check out their personalized year-end info HERE.

Anna Washenko