Grooveshark suspended from Google’s Chromecast for alleged RIAA infringement

Grooveshark canvasA mere month after Grooveshark announced that it would be supported on the Chromecast dongle, the streaming service was suspended for violating Google’s Terms of Service. The problem stemmed from allegations by the RIAA that Grooveshark was infringing on artists’ copyright.

A spokesperson from Grooveshark spoke with The Next Web about the charges. The rep didn’t divulge details about its alleged infringements, but did throw some shade at Google, noting that the company “is also engaged in a lawsuit over the same points.” Ouch. Google has not commented on the situation.

It’s unclear at this juncture if the charges against Grooveshark will impact any of its other partnerships. The streaming platform recently inked a deal with Rocki, and it’s one of the services included in T-Mobile’s expanded Music Freedom plan.

Anna Washenko