Google to launch educational livestream series about voice technology

Google is launching a livestreamed video series to inform users about the capabilities of voice technology. The three-part monthly series, VOICE Talks Presented by Google Assistant, will be created by a partnership between Google and digital content experts Modev Productions. Each 90-minute episode will share how voice technology is developed and how it can be applied in a range of industries. The show will feature leaders in building voice tech, and those people will have tools to interact with viewers such as Q&A sessions and polls. The first episode is scheduled for late April.

“Voice technology is fundamentally changing the way we interact with our devices every day to help us get things done, whether we’re at home, on the road or on our phones,” said Danny Bernstein, managing director of global product partnerships for Google Assistant. “With this new livestream series, we hope to reach a broader audience to highlight our efforts to advance speech technology with our community of developers and device makers.”

“Technology is helping people stay more connected than ever during COVID-19 and advancements are happening at a rapid rate to meet those needs,” Modev Founder and CEO Pete Erickson said. “We’re excited to produce this new high-quality live series with a market leader like Google Assistant and bring it to the voice-tech industry and those who want to learn more about voice-tech.”

Anna Washenko