Google promises indemnification for copyright lawsuits arising from using its AI

In a public memo to its Artificial Intelligence customers, Google Cloud promises to take responsibility for legal challenges arising from using Duet AI, one of the company’s AI engines.

The memo was posted by two Google Cloud executives, Neal Suggs (VP Legal) and Phil Venables (VP, TI Security & CISO).

Duet AI is a chat interface which operates across Google AI; it accepts questions and delivers answers related to best practices. One specialty is coding assistance; Duet AI can complete code as it is being written, or generate entire code blocks based on inputs. Google describes Duet AI as “an always-on collaborator” across all Google AI products.

These capabilities are based on training data — underlying internet content which might be described as the “intelligence” in AI. The copyright assurance imagines legal challenges from owners of intellectual property which is part of the training data.


“To put it plainly for you, our customers: if you are challenged on copyright grounds, we will assume responsibility for the potential legal risks involved.” –Google Cloud


Google asserts that this indemnification “provide comprehensive coverage for our customers who may be justifiably concerned about the risks associated with this exciting new frontier of generative AI products.

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Brad Hill