RAIN Notes: Friday, October 13

Jottings of note:


Corpus Electrica

NPR’s Manoush Zomorodi, host of TED Radio Hour and RAIN speaker, has started a new consumer advocacy show called Body Electric. It’s a six-part audio series produced with Columbia University to discover how to live better with our electronic devices — “Investigating the relationship between our technology and our bodies” — and how we can fix it. Manoush calls it “the weirdest interactive public media project I’ve launched yet.” INFO


The Apple Influence

Ross Adams, CEO of Acast, posts an enlightening editorial explanation of how the Apple iOS 17 upgrade will affect podcast metrics based on upgraded iPhone listening. Because Apple changed the behavior of its automatic download function (reducing them), podcasters might see a gradual reduction in the number of downloads from Apple Podcasts … but this means a more accurate measurement and correlation with actual listens. It’s a detailed, illuminating piece. READ



Eric John, Vice President of the Media Center at the IAB, announces he is stepping away from that role, and from the organization, after nearly eight years. He will transition out at the end of this month, and after that serve an advisory role while the IAB recruits John’s replacement. “Through it all, what stands out most for me are the incredibly passionate, smart, and community-minded members and IAB-ers who manage to keep their eyes on the prize — moving the industry forward,” he says. READ


October 13, 2023

Brad Hill