IAB releases Podcasting Buyer-Seller Checklist, a comprehensive tutorial

Don’t be fooled by the word “checklist” in the IAB’s packed, 25-page Podcast Buyer-Seller Checklist. It is a textbook-level account of how to buy and sell podcast marketing. Imagine a “Grocery Shopping Checklist” which explains the entire inventory of the supermarket.

There are actual checklists in this freely available PDF — several of them. Between those are detailed blocks of editorial. Examples:

  • Tie Specific Audience Attributes to Campaign KPIs (8 paragraphs)
  • Ensure that the Creative Matches the Environment (8 paragraphs)

Structurally, this document is built on 13 sections plus a glossary. The sections:

  • Introduction (a general advocacy of podcast advertising’s growth and effectiveness)
  • Strategic Approach
  • Audience & Media Placement
  • Targeting
  • Activation
  • Measurement
  • Reconciliation
  • Strategic Approach
  • Audience & Media
  • Targeting
  • Activation
  • Measurement
  • Reconciliation (ii)

The checklists are numerous and deep in the weeds, with a mighty emphasis on detailed planning. Below, the “Reconciliation” checklist:

A wide array of research fieldwork powered the intelligence in the IAB Checklist:

  • Edison Research, “Share of Ear”, Q1 2023
  • Cumulus Media/Signal Hill Insights, “Podcast Download—Fall 2022 Report”
  • Edison Research, “Infinite Dial 2023”
  • Cumulus Media Audioscape, 2023
  • Pew Research Center, “Podcasts as a Source of News and Information”, April 2023
  • Nielsen, “Podcast Recontact Study”, 2022
  • Acast, “Podcast Advertising: Delivering full funnel effectiveness”, December 2023
  • Cumulus Media/Signal Hill Insights, “Podcast Download—Spring 2021 Report”
  • dentsu/Lumen Research, Audio Attention Study, August 2023
  • Sounds Profitable, “Medium Moves the Message”, March 2023
  • Advertiser Perceptions, June 2022

Consider this IAB Checklist a chapter-length course in executing a podcast advertising campaign. It is HERE.

Brad Hill