Emmis ties with Triton Digital and Omny Studio to repurpose shows on-demand

Emmis Communications has announced a three-way technology partnership which will more smoothly repurpose program content for online, on-demand distribution. The solution announced today is a blend of technologies offered by Omny Studio, which has specialized in easy-to-use program clipping and archiving, and Triton Digital, which brings its Tap Podcast monetization platform into the mix.

When tied together, the two technology layers enables audio publishers like Emmis to capture, edit, distribute, analyze, and monetize program content easily. Omny Studio is a cloud-based audio management platform, enabling broadcasters to clip, analyse, and archive content for post-broadcast distribution — with an emphasis on ease of use. Triton’s Tap Podcast contribution brings money-making into it by dynamically inserting ads into library content in real time. those ads can be targeted and contextually relevant.

Solutions like this represent an easy¬†way for radio stations to get into the on-demand realm, by offering broadcast programming in download and streaming formats. This is unlike traditional podcasting, which is focused on original show creation — but that tradition hasn’t stopped public radio in America from repurposing its broadcast programs as podcasts, to huge success. Commercial radio as a whole has some catching up to do in that department, and the Omny/Triton solution will be applied to Emmis’ 19 radio stations across New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Austin, and Indianapolis markets.

Brad Hill