Edison/NPR plan new edition of The Spoken Word Audio Report

Spoken word audio is a distinct media category. How much has it increased in the last year? “It’s a lot!” hints Edison Research and partner NPR. The industry will get that number and a raft of others in the new edition of The Spoken Word Audio Report, presented as a live webinar on November 11 at 2:00 ET. (Go HERE to register.)

Hosting and presenting will be Lamar Johnson (VP, Sponsorship Marketing, NPR) and Megan Lazovick (VP and frequent RAIN Summit speaker, Edison Research).

The new report promises to document how news, podcasts, audiobooks, and talk radio’s share of audio listening is at an all-time high. Young and diverse listeners are consuming spoken word content at rates never recorded before, Edison says in a press notice.

Promised talking points:

  • How much Spoken Word’s share of audio has grown in the last year (*hint* It’s a lot!)
  • Which demographic groups are driving the increase in listening and how their listening compares to other listeners
  • How listeners are discovering spoken word audio content
  • How much of the increase in spoken word audio listening can be credited to the popularity of podcasts
  • Excerpts from in-depth interviews with young and diverse listeners highlighting the type of content that resonates with them most

The Spoken Word Audio Report is derived from a national quantitative survey and analysis of in-depth, one-on-one interviews. It also includes seven years tracking data from Edison Research’s Share of Ear® study, measuring the daily listening habits of Americans using a 24-hour diary.


Brad Hill