Data from the first weekend of streaming The Beatles

The Beatles bw logoIn addition to the gift-wrapping and boxes, we’re also spending our post-holiday stupor unpacking the impact of The Beatles’ arrival into the streaming music space.

Social media company Brandwatch turned its analytics tools to the big launch and shared some insights. Sentiment from the social channels was 87% positive about The Beatles. “Spotify” led the field in related mentions, wfollowed by “Apple Music” and “Christmas.” Spotify also won the hashtag games around Beatles social chatter, with #beatles, #spotify, and the combo #beatlesonspotify ranking as the top hashtags.

Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek penned a news post voicing his excitement about the development. Ek also shared some stats about The Beatles’ first weekend on the platform. He said that more than 70 million songs from the band have been streamed as of Sunday. And more than 65% of the band’s millions of listeners thus far are under the age of 34 (which is a great relief to us here at RAIN News).

Spotify was also generating the most buzz with publicity this morning about the songs listeners spent the most time with. So far, the favorite Beatles track on the platform is “Come Together,” with more than 2.8 million plays already.

Anna Washenko