Clear Channel announces iHeartRadio Networks for cross-media advertising

clear channel and stardome 300wMedia giant Clear Channel today announced iHeartRadio Networks, an advertising sales program that puts CC’s vast, multi-medium inventory on a unified platform. There is no technology product underlying iHeartRadio Networks, but a “cross-platform sales strategy,” as described by a Clear Channel spokesperson to RAIN.

The values for advertisers will be simplified media buys, greater reach, and targeting capability across different media environments. The value for Clear Channel will presumably be selling more ad spots by bundling campaigns across silos.

Branding the new platform with Clear Channel’s flagship digital asset, iHeartRadio, further anchors the media company’s brand image in the forward-looking digital space. At the same time, a far-flung array of broadcast ownership through 840 U.S. radio stations is a huge part of this initiative. Tying together its analog and digital properties into a cross-platform sales strategy somewhat resembles the tie-up of Rdio and Cumulus, but with more natural unity under one parent company.

Interestingly, Clear Channel is pitting this venture squarely against television advertising. “It’s truly the best way for a brand to reach American consumers in a much more affordable way than television networks ­ and with greater ROI,” said Darren Davis, President of Clear Channel Networks.

Brad Hill