Apple files for “digital mixed tape” patent

Apple digital mixtape patentApple has filed a patent application for a concept of gifting  “digital mixed tapes” that could be a future addition to its music department. The application suggests a system for creating customized compilation albums and then gifting them to another person. These albums could include some unique features, such as revealing a track’s title only as it is played or limiting the ability to fast forward. The patent also suggests options for incorporating multimedia content to the audio experience.

Despite their analog history, the mixtape idea has still had some popularity in the digital space. Some platforms, such as Tapely and 8tracks, have emerged based on the idea of sharing a curated list of tunes. Most streaming services also have tools for sharing playlists with friends.

This feature seems more aligned with the iTunes Store, but it’s just as possible that this feature will be folded into Apple Music. Another perk to help attract paying subscribers, perhaps?

Anna Washenko