Another hip-hop DJ leaves BBC for Apple Music

Apple Music continues its trend of siphoning talent away from the BBC. The latest to make the leap from airwaves to app is Charlie Sloth, a hip-hop presenter for both BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra who has spent a decade with the UK broadcaster. Sources told Music Business Worldwide that Sloth will move to Apple Music to host a Beats 1 show and assist with playlist curation.

Hip-hop experts have been an especially hot commodity, and the BBC isn’t the only operation to have leading talent seek greener pastures at a rival. The Beeb, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube have all hired away from each other within that genre. Possibly the biggest move in recent months was Tuma Basa, who made Rap Caviar a pillar of Spotify playlists, departing for YouTube.

Anna Washenko