Amazon pumps Prime popularity, pending particulars

amazon music logoAmazon said Happy Monday to the world this morning with a press release that cheered a successful first week for Prime Music (RAIN review here).

Particulars were in short supply, but Amazon says that uptake of the new streaming music service exceeded expectations, with users accessing tens of millions of songs. Who knows what the expectations were. Speaking of particulars, Amazon is does not break out subscription numbers for the Amazon Prime subscription service, which is the built-in audience for Prime Music. Estimates range up to 20-million members who pay $99 a year for fast shipping of Amazon store purchases, streaming movies and TV programs, and, now, music.

“Prime members across the country have been rockin’ out this week, exceeding our expectations for how well this new benefit would be received,” saidSteve Boom, VP of Digital Music for Amazon. “We’re humbled and thrilled to see just how enthusiastically customers have responded to this service. We’re looking forward to continuing to add new artists, albums and playlists so we can keep Prime members singing, dancing, driving, working out and rocking to their favorite music.”

Prime Music launched on June 12 with a limited catalog of about a million tracks. Our review noted rough spots in app usability, and we saw glaring catalog holes, but a spotty catalog characterizes the video content, too, and millions of Prime users like the overall value.

Amazon’s Monday celebration included a list of most-streamed songs, playlists, and a raft of happy comments from pleased Prime users. Classic rock seems to be doing very well.

Brad Hill