AdsWizz partners with Tapad for smoother digital identity across devices

Tapad, a New York-based global ad tech company specializing in digital identities, is announcing today an agreement with audio ad-tech platform AdsWizz.

The deal weds Tapad’s key product — the “Tapad Graph” — into AdsWizz’s programmatic AudioMatic platform. The purpose here is to integrate the multiple device usage of digital audio consumers so that marketers can more effectively and consistently reach individuals across their various phones, tablets, and computers.

“By leveraging The Tapad Graph to correlate data into a single view, complex customer journeys become clearer — enabling a more precise and actionable way to engage consumers across multiple devices,” according to the Tapad website. the company emphasizes that the Tapad Graph is “privacy-safe,” as it offers a single-view presentation of anonymized cross-device usage behind the scenes.

“Marketers need privacy-safe digital identity resolution to reach their consumers,” says Tom Rolph, VP of EMEA at Tapad. “With audio becoming an increasingly powerful medium for engagement, it’s important that our technology extends to this channel, which is why we are excited to announce our integration with AdsWizz’s AudioMatic platform.”

AdsWizz CEO Alexis van der Wyer observed: “Audio advertising offers tremendous opportunity to personally interact with consumers in every moment of their daily lives. By integrating with Tapad, we enable our advertising partners to increase the effectiveness and the relevance of their marketing messages across audio channels.”

Brad Hill