AdsWizz partners with NextRegie in France, for programmatic podcast advertising

AdsWizz announces today an integration with NextRegie, the advertising agency of NextRadioTV in France, to sell digital audio ad inventory programmatically. NextRadioTV is an independent media group consisting of two radio stations (BFM Business and RMC) and five television stations (plus websites and magazines).

The thrust of this deal is to market podcast ads in the AdsWizz AudioMax SSP (supply side platform). Trafficking and management will also fall to AdsWizz, on its AudioServe platform, and the global AdWave system will handle French and international inventory.

BFM and RMC produce audio content in the sports, leisure, and business categories.

Alexis van de Wyer, AdsWizz CEO, calls the deal a “historic first step in moving the French market forward.”

“Programmatic buying is the wave of the future, and we are eager to move into the future with AdsWizz and make our premium podcast inventory available to advertisers,” said Pierre-Henry Medan, General Manager of NextRegie. “Podcast listening has been growing rapidly in France, Europe, and all over the world, and we are very excited to enable advertisers to communicate on our brands through this new format.”

Selling podcast advertising is progressive for sure, as the medium has long thrived on host-read improvisations of sponsor talking points, leveraging a built-in trust between host and audience. That model represents blunt targeting however, mainly based some affinity of advertiser product and show topic. The promise of programmatic in all forms of digital audio is more granular targeting of listeners, and “smart impressions” of marketing messages.

Brad Hill