Yandex Music is Russia’s top app that isn’t a game

Streaming service Yandex Music is the top non-game mobile app in Russia based on iOS and Android sales, according to App Annie. The app’s performance improved from the last time App Annie assessed the market in January 2017; Yandex Music was fourth outside games in that report. The platform has free listening to its curated playlists and personalized song recommendations, as well as connecting with listeners’ owned libraries and offering downloads for offline listening.

Yandex is a Russian search engine and tech company. Its main competitor is another conglomerate called, which runs a new music service called Boom, and a music app called Zvooq. Although detailed numbers are scarce, both from Yandex and App Annie, the Russian music companies appear to be doing a solid business despite longstanding trends toward piracy within the market.

Anna Washenko