XAPPmedia celebrates milestone in its smart speaker activation service

As an indication of how audio publishers are flowing into smart speaker distribution, tech company XAPPmedia announced it has enabled over 1,000 voice-enabled apps on the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms. As RAIN has covered before, XAPP offers a subscription plan that gets an audio publishers (e.g. broadcasters and podcasters) going on either platform, or both, with about five minutes of online form work. This service is called One Voice AI.

The following graph sent by XAPPmedia illustrates the growth curve for the service:

XAPP’s client list includes Westwood One, Scripps, and National Geographic — that last partnership resulted in a voice app called Bravo Tango on Google Assistant which won a People’s Voice Webby Award this year.

Interestingly, the smart speaker platform breakdown is overwhelmingly Alexa — 95% of the installations XAPP has performed are on Amazon’s platform. Amazon is the market leader … but not by that much.

XAPP notes that over eight-million user sessions have resulted from the apps it has built.


Brad Hill