Wondery opens Ad Analytics, a multi-service array

Podcast and creative solutions network Wondery has opened Wondery Ad Analytics, a campaign success evaluation service which leverages multiple information and measurement services.

Bringing together what Wondery calls “best-in-class measurement solutions,” four areas of focus are offered:

  • Brand Lift: How is this campaign impacting consumer perceptions of my brand?
  • Web Lift: Is this campaign driving traffic/ actions to my website or app?
  • Offline Lift: Is this campaign driving offline sales or foot traffic?
  • Reach Lift: Which audiences am I reaching, and what percent are incremental?

An array of companies are pulled into Wondery’s overall solution:

Wondery provides a graphic which purports to illustrate the effectiveness of its program. Pictured as a “full-funnel” illustration, we see a picture of three major advertiser priorities: purchase intent, information acquisition intent, and brand awareness:


Brad Hill