WNYC assumes distribution for another NPR program

WNYC canvasWNYC will be distributing the Snap Judgment show starting July 1. The program, hosted by Glynn Washington, airs on 365 public radio stations. Leaders from both WNYC and NPR issued a memo discussing the shift in distribution. “NPR and WNYC value our partnership, and our teams are working closely and diligently to assure a seamless transition for carriage stations,” said NPR exec Anya Grundmann and WNYC’s Dean Cappello.

The New York public radio station became a co-producer on the show in August, but both NPR and the Public Radio Exchange still remained involved with distribution. Snap Judgment is the fifth show to be solely distributed by WNYC, joining On the Media, Radiolab, The New Yorker Radio Hour, and Freakonomics Radio.

Anna Washenko