WideOrbit integrates IAB’s podcast measurement guidelines

Ad tech company WideOrbit announced that it has integrated the standard metrics developed by the IAB into its WO On Demand platform for podcast management. That means all users of WO On Demand can use the tools for consistently measuring podcast content, audience, and advertising performance. The platform has also added new features such as comparisons of audience composition and behavior.

“We are constantly looking for ways to help media companies elevate the value of their audiences, so we are delighted to support podcast audience measurement by integrating IAB guidelines into WO On Demand,” said Eric R. Mathewson, WideOrbit’s founder and CEO. “This step will make it simpler for publishers to highlight the value of their podcast audiences while giving marketers greater confidence to make podcasts part of their advertising mix.”

The Interactive Advertising Bureau developed the Podcast Measurement Guidelines as part of its Podcast Ad Metrics Guidelines project, aimed at creating standard metrics for the professionals who sell advertising. The second version of the full guideline was released for comment in July 2017. The Podcast Measurement section was the main focus of the version 2.0 changes, introducing more details such as distinctions between downloads and streams of a show. The section was written by the IAB’s Podcast Technical Working Group.

Anna Washenko