Whooshkaa to launch on-demand audio platform with Malaysian radio network

Whooshkaa, an Australia-based digital audio company, has entered a partnership with Malaysian radio network Astro Radio. The two parties plan to release a multi-language on-demand audio venture for Asian audiences. Whooshkaa will power the platform and Astro Radio’s 11 radio brands and original podcast library will provide content.

“Delivering content in this digital age means engaging with our fans through various interactive platforms that drive talkability and social engagement,” said Daphne Lourdes, Astro Radio’s general manager of digital and marketing. “Whooshkaa will deliver a whole new range of possibilities with its specialised audio-on-demand software.”

“Our tech stack streamlines the way for companies to unlock their potential using targeted, dynamic advertising, on-demand audio hosting, recording, distribution and commercialisation,” Whooshkaa CEO Robert Loewenthal said. “With Astro Radio’s prodigious listenership and broad language base, it is in an enviable position to grow a strong market for podcasts and catch-up radio.”

Anna Washenko