“What was that promo code again?” Spotify testing a universal answer

Spotify is reportedly testing interactive podcast ads that would allow listeners to activate promo discounts with a tap.

Spotify, the global audio listening platform which is grabbing chunks of the podcast industry through acquisition, is also applying its customary tech chops to improving advertising effectiveness … while making life a little bit smoother for discount-minded consumers. The prospective feature is called “In-App Offers,” and is basically a link on a podcast’s show page which leads to an advertiser’s discounted offering.

The usability improvement solves a certain first-world problem. You’re listening to a podcast. Let’s say it’s Joe Rogan, whose shows are often three hours long. You hear a preroll (rogan puts 8-9 minutes of preroll live-reads in front of the show), and you make a mental note to buy a thing later. Later comes around, and your remember the thing but not the inevitable promo code which provides a big discount.

Spotify’s feature loads the page with the promo code pre-loaded. It’s a good idea. Placing that link on the show’s main page within the Spotify app could be a double win for the advertiser, as some listeners might head for the shopping basket before (or even without) listening to the show and its heartfelt live read. That notwithstanding, hosts whose show have this feature implemented can tell listeners, “If you’re listening on Spotify, just go to the show page and click the link.”

An even great product, perhaps in our future, would be voice-response interactive ads that some ad-tech companies are developing. With that, a listener could shake the phone (or whatever user input is prescribed), and tell the ad to open the discount page, or text you a link.

In the meantime, we’ll watch for Spotify’s In-App Offers — it starts testing today.

Brad Hill