Westwood One and Nielsen debut audio data management platform

Westwood One announced that it is launching a new audio data management platform backed by tools from Nielsen. Westwood One is using the Nielsen Marketing Cloud and Nielsen’s own DMP to offer advertisers resources to make better buying decisions across the company’s over-the-air radio and streaming audio channels.

The Nielsen Marketing Cloud can connect Westwood One’s radio formats to real offline purchase data. This means better consumer insights and analytics for advertisers. It also allows Westwood One to provide better audience targeting for advertisers, using data sources including automotive, consumer packaged goods, retail, and Nielsen radio/TV audience data.

“Purchase-based marketing is now a long-awaited reality for our advertisers, and proudly a first-mover advantage for Westwood One,” said Suzanne Grimes, EVP of corporate marketing for Cumulus Media and president of Westwood One. “Radio now offers specificity of audience alongside the biggest reach in media.”

“Never before have radio audiences been linked to such a rich source of actual purchase data across industries—something Nielsen is uniquely equipped to do,” said Damian Garbaccio, EVP of commercial for the Nielsen Marketing Cloud. “The Nielsen DMP has the data, analytics and reporting advertisers need to understand and act on incredibly deep consumer insights.”

Anna Washenko