Weekly podcast listeners skew away from AM/FM during coronavirus, and Joe Rogan rules (Edison)

The most actively engaged podcast listeners — people who listen at least weekly — are, as a group, falling away from AM/FM listening to an extent, and also streaming internet radio. This is one result of an Edison Research survey, as described by SVP Tom Webster in a webinar.

The graphic above details the extent to which weekly podcast listeners have reduced AM/FM listening, as well as internet-only radio and audiobooks. The brodcast radio drop is the most severe, and common wisdom might have it that a  drop of in-car commuting is the main driver (so to speak) of this trend.

In another interesting glimmer revealed by Edison from its Podcast Consumer study, Edison noted the top 10 podcasts by reach — that is, not by download count or audience number, but by percentage of weekly podcast listeners who had listened to these shows in the last week:

In presenting the slide above, Tom Webster emphasized that the #1 spot was not a close race — he didn’t specify any numbers, but said The Joe Rogan Experience has  the biggest reach by a wide margin.

See a webinar replay HERE.

Brad Hill