Webcast Metrics in October: +12% year-over-year as Spotify 2.5M average sessions

triton digital canvas

Webcast listening in October was 12% higher than the year-ago period, as Spotify reached a new round number in Average Active Sessions (AAS) of 2.5-million simultaneous streams. This according to Triton Digital’s Top-20 Ranker, a monthly report based on Triton’s Webcast Metrics streaming measurement technology.

Month-over-month listening moved up four percent.  As always, RAIN uses Average Active Sessions (AAS) metric domestically (U.S. only), in the 6:00am to midnight view — a lens we have used to track this report since 2009.

As seen in RAIN’s trendline chart below, Spotify has enjoyed an overall upward trend since it entered Triton’s system in January, 2015. During that span Pandora’s AAS metric has kept a level course around the 2-million benchmark.


Only four pureplay streamers are in Triton’s Top 20: Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio (which furnishes online-only playlists, podcasts, and broadcast streams), and AccuRadio.


Brad Hill